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With over 5 diamond qualities, multiple carat weights and different metals such as 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum, USA Jewels lets you be your own jeweler. Check out an incredible selection of diamond jewelry, including diamond earrings, diamond pendants, engagement rings and of course our beautiful selection of diamond tennis bracelets.

What our Customers Have to Say?

Really.. really like everything about USA Jewels. Have made several purchases and am ready to make a few more this holiday season. Great quality and value. Love my friend Dave.

Maria Camargo

Greenwich, CT

Never did I think I cold find a jewelry store which could deliver great quality for a such a great price. Got my wife to be a beautiful diamond engagement ring and did not have to break the bank to do it. Very pleased. Will buy again.

Dan Carotenuto

Westfeld, NJ

After buying several pieces of jewelry over the years from USA Jewels online, I finally got the chance to visit their store in Florida. Family owned and just great people to work with. Love both Dave and Alay. Looking forward to my next purchase.

Lisa Bauer

Boulder, Colorado

Took my wife on an Alaskan cruise and visited the quaint town of Ketchikan. There I purchased a stunning ring from USA Jewels for my 25th wedding anniversary. Boy was my wife surprised. Thanks, USA Jewels.

Craig Loomis

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sent Dave at USA Jewels a picture of a diamond ring my mother wanted and had him make it. What a deal... I saved over 20% from what was quoted to me from the guys in the diamond district in NYC. I highly recommend.

Christina Buckley

Danbury, CT

Purchase arrived on time.. with a beautiful box just in time for my wife's birthday. My wife loved the diamond pendant. Next, a ruby ring for Christamas. Ooops don't print that!!

Andrew Dell

New Hope, PA